Dear Friend,

As a resident of Manhattan I have been following the issues that are confronting our community and its citizens. Working as a member of the Committee updating the Manhattan Urban Area Comprehensive Plan I have had the opportunity to work with fellow citizens and government officials in mapping out a path for Manhattan’s future growth. I believe my 37 years of experience in the military and 10 years in the private sector can be valuable in helping lead Manhattan forward. After discussions with family and friends, I have decided to become a candidate for City Commission. I am looking forward to meeting with as many folks as I can, to listen to your ideas regarding our community’s future.

Our community needs thoughtful experienced leaders who will carefully listen to its citizens. In my long military service (particularly my time as Commanding General at Fort Riley) and my work on multiple project across the globe with Bechtel Corporation, I have had the opportunity to formulate policy, to plan and execute budgets, and to plan, construct and operate infrastructure. This experience will be helpful as we work in Manhattan to encourage long-term sustainable growth, strengthen partnerships with local governments, Kansas State University and Fort Riley, and to create a diverse local economy.

I am excited to begin this new journey. I am interested in building on the strong foundation that other civic leaders have built over the years. We are blessed to have assets like Kansas State University, Fort Riley, the coming NBAF, forward looking entrepreneurs, and active citizens. Together we can make Manhattan the best we can for today and for generations to come.

As we go to work on the campaign, I will need your help to make it a success. The reality today is that resources are required be able to share our vision with others through signs, direct mail, newspaper and radio ads. So, I am asking for your support. Please consider getting involved either through making a campaign contribution, putting a sign in your yard, or volunteering as member of my campaign committee. Use the enclosed envelope to let me know how you can help.

Thank you for your support. I encourage you to vote and to carefully consider the issues. I look forward to helping address the issues that concern our city and our citizens.

Mike Dodson